Marius Wahl Gran


Marius expresses the satisfaction and enjoyment of living in a state of presence  which is inherent in the act of painting, together with the intention to give birth to visualize something which can be redeemed out of the material. This implies a longing to be confronted with and surpass the inabilities and limitations of one’s own personality and the challenge to look into that realm which you do not master, in anticipation; one step further and you find yourself in the world of the unknown, where nothing can be preconceived. Such elements as chance, coincidence and improvisation are important, paintings should give the impression of something vital, fresh, healthy!

This is an art which exists apart from trends, provocation and the spectacular flow of virtual images of contemporary art. Marius’ paintings are not comments to the issues of our time. His striving concerns the fundamental questions and premises related to the art of painting, that which has not changed during history and is independent of the spirit of our age. A consciousness that is as fundamental as walking, sleeping, eating and where the brush is an extension of the human being.

-Berit Frøseth